Jake W.

About Me

I've worked places. I've done things.

Tools I've Used


I enjoy the solving the problem of running complex software in isolated processes, and shipping them in a nice solid package. Mostly with Docker, but some with Kubernetes.

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I can make a webpage that doesn't look horrible. I've used a few different templating engines to build HTML as well. I've used 3 different versions of Bootstrap.

Versions: XHTML HTML5

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I already knew JavaScript, but I've found TypeScript to be very helpful when learning React. It would be difficult for me to go back to ECMAScript after such an amazing experience.

Versions: TypeScript 4.2

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I recently redid my website using React and React-Bootstrap to improve my front-end skills. I like it.

Versions: React 17

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Designing APIs using OpenAPI was very helpful as the front-end could load all of the information for the API dynamically. That kind of metaprogramming is my favourite kind of work.

Versions: Swagger 2.0 OpenAPI 3.0

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Jobs I've Had


Java monoliths and Go command-line tools interspersed between meetings. I helped develop a tool for managing containers inside of a VM, and a companion tool for troubleshooting the deployment, management, and health of the containers. Working remotely since March 2020.

From 2018

The Learning Bar

Full-stack PHP/Yii web app maintenance, optimization, and features. I also helped manage their AWS deployment.

From 2017 until 2018


Maintained an existing VM Provisioning monolithic application before we started refactoring into a cloud-based containzerized microservice-based application hosted in AWS. I also set up the CI/CD pipeline.

From 2015 until 2017

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